Mom Of Wild Things | Three Years of Blogging
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Three Years of Blogging

Three Years of Blogging

Today marks three years of blogging for me.

Three years ago, I started a blog at the suggestion of my husband because I couldn’t stop talking about a stack of children’s books.

I had no idea one stack of children’s books, an encouraging husband and a passion and love for reading aloud to my kids would result in this blog. I feel so blessed. I love blogging. It’s given me an opportunity to explore something I love (writing and reading) as I stay home with my kids. Three years ago, when I started this blog, I didn’t expect much. At the time, I was pregnant with our third child, and I was very sick with two toddlers. I didn’t think this blog could be anything more than a weekly blog post where I talked about books.

Fortunately, I was very, very wrong. This blog has become bigger than I ever thought possible. For that, I’m so thankful! This blog has exceeded my wildest expectations and has raised the bar of what I expect of myself. It has shown me what I’m passionate about and what drives me. It’s inspired me to dream big and then to chase after those dreams. 

Because of this blog, I was able to share about the AMAZING American Writer’s Museum in Chicago (where I cried over displays of my favorite authors like EB White and Maurice Sendak).

Because of this blog, I’ve been able to take my kids to Legoland and talk about how we studied building design and architecture.

Because of this blog, we got to go to Walt Disney World and see characters and other sights from classic books we had read come to life. Not to mention, be inspired by Mr. Walt Disney and his dream with one mouse!

Because of this blog, I’ve gotten the chance to interview Olympic Athletes and Paralympians! Plus, I’ve been able to share my love of the Olympics and how we celebrate the Olympics.

Because of this blog, I’ve been able to interview authors like Alastair Heim and Caroline McAlister.

Because of this blog, I’ve visited bookstores like Blue Manatee Bookstore and been so inspired by love of children’s books in other people which has created amazing business.

Because of this blog, I was able to be a guest on my favorite podcast, What Should I Read Next?.

Because of this blog, we were able to visit Rock Ranch during Christmas (which was absolutely magical!).

Who knew a little corner of the internet would change my life? But it has. It’s changed me for the good. I’ve watched dreams come true. I’ve learned to dream bigger. I’ve been inspired by so many amazing people who I have met because of my blog. I’ve learned so much about what I’m capable of and who I am. I’ve grown professionally.

This blog has been a gift to me. I don’t take a single experience or encounter this blog has provided lightly. It’s an honor to work with brands. I love being able to highlight experiences we would never have had without my blog. Seriously, as I look back over the last three years, I’m so grateful for all that we’ve experienced!

Because of this blog, I’ve learned SO MUCH. I’ve learned to be bold, to chase after some bigger dreams I have and to not let anything hold me back.

Because of this blog, I’ve met some amazing people in the blogging community. I have great respect for you, my readers, and I’m thankful you are here. I never take it lightly that at the other end side of this blog is you. My blog has created a community that I’m not only thankful for, I wouldn’t otherwise have. Thank you so much for being here.


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