Mom Of Wild Things | Thanksgiving Prep: Organizing Recipes
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Thanksgiving Prep: Organizing Recipes

Thanksgiving Prep: Organizing Recipes

Earlier this week, as I began to make my grocery list for our Thanksgiving menu, I realized I could do better with organizing my recipes. It’s a mess. Between way t00 many browsers opened on my phone or printed sheets of paper, I was feeling a panicked I might mix recipes up (no one wants a sweet mac and cheese!).

For years, if I couldn’t find a recipe, I have just gone to Google for recipes and prayed I could find the same recipe I used “that one time”. Or, I end up flipping through my cookbook collection hoping the recipe will jump out to me again.  No more. I’ve finally had ENOUGH! I can no longer deal with that madness of trying to locate a recipe.

Then I remembered,  I actually had a Pocket Page Recipe Book that I had received as a wedding gift, but never used because I didn’t feel like I had any recipes I would repeat (HA! I was wrong, I repeat recipes a lot!). But, I kept the Recipe Book just in case. I’m so glad I did! My book has page protectors with recipe card pockets. All I have to do is write down the recipe, slip it into the page protectors and that’s it! I’m done! And, since I’m using a lot of beloved recipes in our home in preparation for Thanksgiving, I make the recipe and while it cooks, I write the recipe down.

I cannot even believe it’s taken me so long to finally pull together my most favorite recipes to one central location. SERIOUSLY, this is such an easy project to do, it’s a one and done organization tip, and, it’s a family heirloom! Truly, I’m a little mad at myself for taking so long to come to my senses about organizing my recipes. So instead of getting more upset with myself, I did some searching and I found and found these adorable Recipe Books:

Did I mention the Recipe Cards? Look how adorable they are!

As I write down the recipe, I also jot down a 1-2 sentence comment at the top of the card about the recipe. This is especially fun if the recipe provokes a memory or if there is a reason I particularly love this recipe. To me, food is about connecting with people you love. So, while I collect my recipes, I also want to share the stories behind the recipes. I keep envisioning when I’m 75 years old, and my grandchildren want to see my prized family recipe, not only I will have it, but I will also have the note about the story behind the recipe. Can you even imagine? It’s a sweet thing to consider.

How do you organize your recipes?

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