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Soft Enough for a King

Soft Enough for a King

I was sent Soft Enough for a King box from Soft Enough in exchange for an honest review. All opinions all my own.

With the excitement of the holidays comes an awareness to help our children understand that Christmas isn’t just about the presents. It is also a wonderful, wonderful time to teach our children about serving others.

As a Christian, I want to bring the birth of Jesus to life for my kids. I’ve already mentioned how we will be observing Advent. When I received the Soft Enough for a King box, I knew I had been sent something special and the perfect accompaniment to our Advent celebration.

The Soft Enough for a King box comes with a plush baby Jesus, a wooden manger, a book, Soft Enough for a King, and packet of “straws of hay”. The straws of hay are designed for families and/or kids to write down the acts of service they complete each day leading up to Christmas. As the acts of service are completed, kids will add a straw of hay to the manger. Then, on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, baby Jesus is placed in the manger and the family gets to relive the acts of service by reading the straws of hay together as a family. Along the way, families can read the book, Soft Enough fora King book which tells the story of the Bethlehem Innkeeper’s son who prepared the stable for Mary and Joseph.

I was extremely impressed with quality of the Soft Enough for a King box. This is truly a well made resource with an incredible message for families.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how Soft Enough for a King is such a tangible way for families to understand and participate in acts of service together. I also love that it continually points back to Jesus (I’m specifically thinking about how Jesus told us to Love One Another).

Here are some great ideas for Acts of Service you can use with your kids.

I think the combination of the Soft Enough for a King box with our Random Acts of Kindness list, my kids will really grasp the understanding of serving and how it is truly better to give than receive. Especially when those acts of service direct children that when we serve others, we are demonstrating the love of Jesus to others. GOOD NEWS! I’ve teamed up with Soft Enough to host a giveaway! Head over to my Instagram to participate!

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