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Pre-K At Home

Pre-K At Home

Last year, we chose to keep my son home during his Pre-K school year. We decided he would start Kindergarten in public school, but his Pre-K year would be at home. That Pre-K school year, however, started off with lots of lesson plans and workbooks. While wonderful resources, we soon chucked those resources for a simplier way. We focused on lots of outdoor time, lots of reading, and monthly unit studies that book based.  I had read Julie Bogart’s post about the best education for a six year old and I figured the same concepts would work in preparing for Kindergarten in a traditional school setting.

I really had no idea if this would work to prepare my son for Kindergarten. I just knew I wanted his Pre-K year, his last year before his formal education began, to be both restful and fun. We achieved that. We had a wonderful time. It was such a wonderful and blissful year.

(I did find Kindergarten end-of-the-year tests online that I googled and quizzed him on at the beginning and his Pre-K year. It was for my sake; I needed to see what gaps there were. Those tests (you can google Kindergarten tests and a myriad of options will appear) helped calm my nerves somewhat. I was still insecure.)

Fast forward to this year. This year is my son’s Kindergarten year. He is in public school. My son is in the top reading level in his class, he is excelling in all subjects at school. He is incredible in math. He is very social amongst his peers and an attentive listener. I attribute this all to the foundation our Pre-K year at home established for him.

Now, my daughter is in Pre-K at home. For her, we are focusing on lots of reading, lots of outdoor time, and lots of art. She is happiest when she is painting or drawing, so I decided to focus on that for her.

We use the Kelly Kits art subscription. This monthly art kit introduces a new art concept, art history, art appreciation, and all the tools you need to do the art project. Yes, kids learn all that in one monthly subscription box from Kelly Kits. The art projects include instructions for two different age groups – 3-6 years of age or 6-12 years of age. I love that the instructions vary in simplicity or being complex depending on the age or maturity of the child, but the supplies are generous and enough for either age group or even both! Kelly Kits is so fabulous. It’s meant to be done with the parent working with the child, not as a solo activity. Zoe is very independent, so she likes to do a lot of it on her own, but I love that I get to help and be involved with something she truly loves doing.

The combination of time to run around outside, lots of books, and wonderful art projects have set up this Pre-K year to be like last year: restful and fun. It’s been great to watch her and my youngest son grow closer together, and to see all that she is learning “for school”.

I’m not as worried or insecure like I was last year. I feel more confident, because I know this works. I also know this isn’t for everyone, but it does work for our family. It gives my kids a chance to enjoy another year at home before Kindergarten without an agenda or the hustle and bustle of school. Instead, they can be agenda-free kiddos.

I never anticipated Pre-K to be something we would do at home. In fact, we had participated in a local preschool for several years before keeping my son home for Pre-K.  But now that we are on our second year of Pre-K, I’m so glad we have done it this way.  I’ve loved it. Being able to cater their education to their specific needs and interests has been such a gift.

(This is not a paid or sponsored post. This is is just a post from a mom sharing details of something my child loves.)

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