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I love listening to podcasts. If I’m not listening to an audiobook, you can almost guarantee I’m listening to a podcast. I love how creative a podcast can be (I have a dream of doing my own podcast!), but I also love how personal it feels. A good podcast can make the listener feel like the podcast host is having coffee with the listener. (Tell me I’m not the only person who feels this way?!?!)

I’ve wanted to share my favorite podcasts for a while now, and I’m excited to do it today!

It should come to no surprise that I LOVE listening to podcasts that have a literary aspect. I can’t help it, as a reader and book enthusiast, I love to hear about how books make people feel, what prompted or inspired an author to write their book, and I love hearing book recommendations. I find that with book podcasts, I walk away with a greater appreciation to the books we read when I’ve hear the author talk about their books.

1. All the Wonders: This incredible podcast is all about children’s books. Matthew Winner is the host; as a school librarian, Matthew understands and makes his living by encouraging kids to read. All the Wonders just celebrated 400 episodes! This is an incredible mile marker, but it should be no surprise. Matthew regularly expresses how a book enthusiast feels about a book – he gushes over it. Sometimes, I can almost feel the author and/or illustrator blush over Matthew’s compliments, but Matthew is always genuine and he expresses how readers and fans really feel. All the Wonders also does so much more than “just” the All the Wonders podcast, be sure to check out their website for book trailers, other Podcasts, and more. Their website makes you feel like you’ve found your book people.

2. Read Aloud Revival: While the RAR audience is primarily homeschool families, I love host Sarah MacKenzie’s love and enthusiasm for reading great books aloud to kids. Sarah has an contagious enthusiasm for reading, good books, and of course, reading aloud to children. I have a goal to have coffee with her, because I know if you were to plop Sarah and I into Barnes and Noble with coffee and all the time to browse the children’s book department, we could easily sell all the books. (HAHA!…but really! We could!) Sarah brings on incredible authors on her podcasts and interviews them about their books. She also talks about HOW to read aloud to your kids and WHAT to read aloud to kids. For families who may be more conservative in their views, Sarah encourages them to have courage and read books they may not have otherwise considered. Sarah is leading the way in revival of reading aloud and it shows (and not just because that is the name of her podcast). Also, her book lists are amazing. As a mom of 3 kids, I’m amazed how Sarah seems to do it all with 6 kids.

3. What Should I Read Next?: I’ve talked before about Anne Bogel and What Should I Read Next on this post when I had the honor of being a What Should I Read Next? GUEST (I am on Episode 91). It was an absolute BLAST talking books with fellow reader and book lover Anne Bogel. While the other podcasts above focus on children’s books, Anne focuses on books for adults. I often read (and love!) books mentioned on What Should I Read Next?. For readers, Anne is like our representative. She knows what readers like and don’t like and her podcast offers a variety for everyone.

When I’m not listening to podcasts about reading and books, I do branch out. Are you surprised by this? I’m laughing at myself writing that sentence.I love to read books and discuss them and podcasts provide me with that opportunity without being annoying to everyone around me, but I also love other types of podcasts too.

1. Happy Hour with Jaime Ivey: Jamie Ivey brings guests on her Happy Hour podcast show. She talks to business women, authors, motivational speakers, if there are women who are doing incredible things in the Christian community, or for the world, Jamie will talk to them.

2. The Alison Show: Alison has SO MUCH energy. I love following her Instagram (her IG stories are the best!), but I really appreciate her passion and motivation to help others in their quest to build their brand. She also does the podcast with her husband and it’s really fun to listen to them interact.

3. At Home Podcast: Hosted by a group of real life friends and homeschooling mamas, The At Home podcasts focuses on life at home – lots of conversations about different aspects of homeschooling, managing your home, good books, and good habits for their kids. (I’m not a homeschooling mom, but I am a homeschool graduate and I like keeping up with homeschooling trends. I find there is a lot of wisdom to gain from homeschool parents especially as the homeschool world has changed so much since when I was a student)

4. The Simple Show: Tsh Oxenrider hosts the Simple Show which is all about parenting, traveling, being a working mom, and good books. I really enjoyed reading Tsh’s book this year, and I love the guests she has on her podcast and the questions she asks.

5. Build Your Tribe: This is a great marketing and business podcast. The advice is solid and the podcast episodes aren’t too long. I’ve walked away with great tips for growing my brand.

I would love to know what podcasts you listen to and why you love them! Which ones should I listen to?

  • Matthew Winner
    Posted at 01:17h, 20 November

    WOAH! Super honored for the All the Wonders mention! Thank you so very much for listening and supporting (and sharing!)!

    • Bethany Armstrong
      Posted at 02:55h, 20 November

      Big fan! Thank you for all you do!