Mom Of Wild Things | Me, Anne Shirley, and My Very Own Anne-Girl
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Me, Anne Shirley, and My Very Own Anne-Girl

Me, Anne Shirley, and My Very Own Anne-Girl

As a child, I thought I was Anne of Green Gables. Seriously, I did. I really thought that Lucy Maud Montgomery had written Anne Shirley inspired by me (never mind that I wasn’t even alive when Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote Anne of Green Gables). While I didn’t have the freckles or the red hair, I did have the imagination. Aside from Jo March, Anne Shirley was the literary character I most related to. I could relate to how she viewed the world. I desperately wanted a friend like Diana. Anne’s determination and love of reading are attributes I also had as a child.

From as far back as I can recall, I knew that I would name my daughter after Anne too. This wasn’t even a debate. It was a given. And, I did. My daughter’s middle name is Anne WITH AN E. With bright blue eyes and gold blonde hair, my daughter doesn’t look like Anne. But like Anne and myself, my Zoe has that vivid, wild imagination.

This school year, Zoe is doing pre-k at home with me. While, we focus on basic counting and knowing the alphabet, but we truly make reading our priority and goal. Zoe doesn’t know that reading books are her school, she just knows we read a lot of books for fun.

For our audiobooks, Zoe had requested we listen to more “girl books”. When I reflected on our previous audiobook selections, I realized she was right – they had a lot of strong male characters (Peter, Ralph, Sherlock, etc). So, we started the school year off with the collection of sisters in the All-Of-A-Kind Family. That was a raving success for Zoe, so I knew she was ready for Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I was giddy with excitement. I hoped she would enjoy it as much as I have.

I had nothing to worry about, she has listened with a smile as the escapades of Anne have played out through the narration of Rachel McAdams. We’ve had to turn it up louder when I’ve been laughing so hard at Anne. Many times, I’ve told Zoe to listen carefully, as a particularly hilarious adventure of Anne’s approaches.

I’ve loved how these beloved characters (who were such a part of my childhood, they feel real!), have shown me a different aspect of themselves. I have a brand new respect for Marilla. I’ve always loved Matthew. Who doesn’t love shy, gentle Matthew? But, Marilla always seemed harsh to me. Turns out, in order to understand Marilla, I needed to grow up and become a mom.

I never expected that my dear friend Anne Shirley would create such precious memories for my daughter and I, but she has done it. Enjoying Anne of Green Gables has been such a wonderful bonding moment, I don’t want it to end (but we can’t seem to slow down either!).

What books (audiobooks or otherwise) have created beautiful bonding moments between you and your children (or you and your parents!)? Share below!

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