Mom Of Wild Things | A Christmas Craft by Jess Taylor
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A Christmas Craft by Jess Taylor

A Christmas Craft by Jess Taylor

This is Day 6 of Guest Bloggers! You can view the other days here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

My friend Jess is sharing this amazing Christmas craft you can do with your kids. It’s snowing in Georgia before Christmas (a rarity indeed!), and a Christmas craft will help keep the craziness away too as we are stuck inside!

It truly is the most wonderful time of year in our house! We love everything about Christmas! I don’t let my kids make our Christmas countdown until the day after Thanksgiving, but we totally start listening to Christmas music around May. I know…

Our family also loves books and crafts so when I saw a version of this craft I was so excited to pair it with some of our favorite Christmas tree books (we really enjoy Christmas Farm) and turn it into a sweet handmade garland! It’s pretty simple, we had all of the supplies already and the kids loved it!

You’ll need:
Cardboard (I used an old Amazon box)
A Christmas tree cookie cutter (or just let your kids draw the tree shapes)
Green paint (our basic box of washable paint didn’t have green…so they got a mini art lesson/review 🙂 )
Paint brushes
Items to decorate your tree
Twine or ribbon

First just trace how ever many Christmas trees you need and cut them out, we did ten. Two of my kids were able to cut the cardboard, but I did it for our youngest.

Next we painted the trees green and added decorations right to the paint. In hindsight, it would probably have been better to just let the paint dry and then glue the decorations on, but it worked for the most part to let them dry right into the paint.

That’s it, for the most part! Unless, your children are like mine, which means they’ll need a bath while the paint dries.

When the kids were clean we cuddled up with some cookies and read our favorite Christmas tree books. Most of these can be found at your library. This year we’re really excited to use Bethany’s idea for “A book a day” and we’ve been building up our collection using several of her suggestions!

Once the paint is dry I simply taped each tree on the twine and hung it. I know I’ll enjoy pulling this out each year and hanging it!

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